Covid Travel Resources

Whether I’m checking to see what the current requirements, restrictions and rules are for myself or a client looking to book a trip, I always find myself going back to this link to get the most up to date information.

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Travel after COVID-19 Part 1:The Airlines

This is a first in a series of articles looking at how the travel industry will change as a result of a global pandemic. Today I’ll discuss how Air Travel will look different going forward. Be sure to check back for my updates on the impact we’ll see on Hotels & Resorts, and the Cruise Industry.

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Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor

Whenever I tell people what I do I’m often asked two related questions: There are still travel agents, and why should I have someone else plan and book my travel? The answer to the first is yes, we’re still around and busier than ever (though we prefer to be called Travel Advisors;) The answer to the second question is a bit more involved and I thought it’d be useful to highlight some of the benefits of working with a travel expert.

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Fiji Follow-up

Last week I was in Fiji at the Kokomo Private Island resort and this week its back to reality and booking vacations. While at the resort, I had the opportunity to help this gal with the coral restoration project mentioned in the article. To see the coral gardens and learn more about their conservation efforts

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