Fiji Follow-up

Last week I was in Fiji at the Kokomo Private Island resort and this week its back to reality and booking vacations. While at the resort, I had the opportunity to help this gal with the coral restoration project mentioned in the article. To see the coral gardens and learn more about their conservation efforts was truly a privilege. Is Fiji on you bucket list? I can help find the perfect resort for you!!

I’ll be hosting a river cruise starting October 20th on the AmaSerena from Budapest to Vilshofen to help raise money for an amazing cause.

Without a doubt, one of my most favorite recent destinations is Turkey.  Some people scratch places off their bucket lists, I just added Turkey back!

A truly unique itinerary from the Southern Japanese Islands on through to Kobe. Enjoy Zodiac excursions by day, and Silversea luxury at night,


Call me and let’s start planning your next great adventure!


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