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Join me on the Danube!

October, 2022

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Shannon O'Brien

The Romantic Danube – 7 Night Cruise

Reading Time: 7 minutes In late 2019 I started planning a hosted river cruise down on the Danube. Like so many other people’s plans this was soon cancelled because of COVID, but with travel opening up again – it’s back on. Mark your calendars for October 16, 2022 and join me on this amazing adventure.

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Penny Sadler

Budapest, Hungary’s Sophisticated Capital

Reading Time: 4 minutes Budapest is considered one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Its mix of architectural styles, broad boulevards and the Danube river dissecting the city make it unquestionably one of the prettiest European capitals. Once you see the buildings along the river and the iconic Chain Bridge illuminated at night you’ll understand

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Shannon O'Brien

Costa Rica – A Perfect Destination Anytime

Reading Time: 7 minutes I toured 18 properties in 10 days and saw a beautiful ecosystem teaming with life. I enjoyed some wonderful spas and an outdoor massage. And I got to repel through a waterfall. Whatever kind of vacation you want, Costa Rica is ready for you now.

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